Durr 300kW ORC Waste Heat Generator

Model: Eco+Energy ORC 300 HT module

Module designed to run from the waste heat of a gas engine.
New unused plant ready to operate.

Heat Source: Gas Engine / Exhaust gas
Admission temperature: 424°C No
Usable heat: (3* 605 kWth/ Genset) 1,815 kWth
Price: £350,000

The ORC process is a thermodynamic cycle which uses thermal energy to generate electricity.

Thermal oil as a heat source is led through the evaporator of the ORC module. The vapor of the working fluid flows under pressure into a turbo-generator sector, where some of the heat energy is converted into electricity. Subsequently, the working fluid is being liquefied in a water-cooled condenser, and again fed to the evaporator with a multi-stage feed pump. The condenser is executed as a double stage unit, consisting of a recuperator zone, used for preheating of the working fluid, and a condensing zone used for the above described cooling process. The extracted heat from the condensing process may be used for heating purposes.
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